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The nutritional qualities and positive health effects of dates, pomegranates and almonds are well established.

And to take full advantage of their many virtues, you have to have quality products.

It is in this sense that Yummy’z registers to provide you with the best fruits.

We are proud to offer our selection of the best dates, pomegranates and almonds. Each product is selected with great care and attention to guarantee quality products.
- The Founders of Yummy'z -

Fruits and Values

We help local businesses and farmers and we guarantee fair prices and quality fruits!


100% Quality

We always select our products to meet the criteria of nutritional, health and taste qualities


Our products come from plantations that respect the environment and take advantage of all the qualities offered by the Tunisian climate

Quality distribution

Yummy'z works with committed distributors to provide you with our products easily

The flavors of Tunisia
Premium products selected for you

Succulent Fruits

Taste our fruits with a unique taste


Whether dried (dates), fresh (pomegranates) or dried (almonds), we always pay particular attention to each product to offer fresh fruit of exceptional quality.




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Discover the flavors of Tunisia with Yummy’z dates, pomegranates and almonds.
The careful selection of our products, allows us today to be a reference on the market.

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El Oum
Parc d’activités économique de Zarzis

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