Our vision

The mission of Yummy'z is to discover and promote the dates "Deglet Nour" of Tunisia to consumers.

The rigorous selection of our products, allows us today to be a reference on the market.


Selection, quality and taste are the values we share with our customers and that we carry with the entire Yummy'z team.


Our dates are produced under the best conditions in Tunisia to guarantee you a quality and a superior taste.

With the success of our dates and as part of our development, we will expand our range of products with pomegranates and almonds of Tunisia that you can discover very soon


The Yummy'z brand is driven by two young entrepreneurs passionate about the world of dates and high-end products.

Every day is an opportunity for the entire Yummy'z team to offer the best to our customers and our partners in order to definitively establish ourselves as a reference on the market.